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Hello - can anybody help.... It is 9.30pm, have got this awful cold and can't take in what it is asking. I wish I had chosen flower arranging at college instead of NVQ3!!! (ha! ha!)


"the development of self-reliance and self-esteem as a gradual process and how this is affected by maturation and the development of communications skills in children".


Last KE to do and my new little baby (Stanley the bulldog) is waiting patiently downstairs for a cuddle. Any dog lovers out there who can help so my Stanley does not get neglected!!!!!!


TEEJ xxxx

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I suggest you look at each one seperately.


Self reliance- What does this mean? define....in what ways are children self reliant / independent link this to age/stage of development.


Self-esteem - What does this mean? define... then list again age/stages of developing self esteem.


Now consider how the development of language and communication can effect how a child is able to be independent, and how it enables self esteem. Look at ways that the lack of communication and language can frustrate or delay self reliance and self esteem.


Have I just re-worded the NVQ statement in a more complex way :oxD ( sorry)


For self esteem look at Maslow's hiearchy of need. :(



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