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Hi all


I have been looking at our progress information and it shows that Technology is an area that is either not assessed or where there are quite a few children who are not where they could be. Having looked at the children, our environment and resources and what activities we have on offer, I feel that we are just missing recording this.


However talking to staff it seems that some of them are missing some opportunities not realising that it constitutes technology because it might not be traditional in nature. I do feel quite surprised by this as when talking staff seem to understand that its not just computers and cameras but any way, but its not translating to practice. Other than just having a list of all the resources we have that could be classed as technology I am at a bit of a loss as to how to approach this!


My thought is that in order to improve it looks like I may need to train the staff up rather than look for the children to do anything different. Has anybody ever done any internal training on this area or know of any good resources?



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