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My planning for enhancements or changes to continuous provision at the moment includes a note next to anything that links with the corresponding learning objective for the week underneath the adult-led activity and then a table at the bottom of my main planning which includes any additions or changes for individuals or groups which records area of learning, purpose, resources, target children and a new one is filled out each week. Any other additions we add through the week tend to be recorded on the CI planner where we record responses to CI play.

However, I was wondering whether to have an on-going sheet (similar to the Outdoor planner on ABC's blog) where we would record any additions to provision (have one for indoors, one for outdoors) due to individual needs or interests? I would then include a evaluation box at the end to record the learning success and when the resource was finished with? I think I would continue to add any enhancements link to main weekly objectives on my main planner to demonstrate the link in learning.

Does anyone else run an on-going continuous provision planner (just changing sheets as they are filled and out-dated) or do you tend to record it weekly even if resources continue to be used for the following week or in a different way?

What do you think?

I don't want to create more writing but think that it may show what is happening with in the areas more clearly over time?

Green Hippo x

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