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Sef questionairre for parents


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Hi I have recently started work as a manager of a private day nursery and have started completing the SEF form. I wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction of a questionnaire for parents I can use as a template for a Private day nursery setting with children aged from 03 months to 5 years?


Many thanks :D

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Hi Playbase

This previous thread my help http://eyfs.info/forums/topic/35620-sef-questionnaire-for-parents/

Just for your reference if you are looking for something you think may have already been discussed (lots of topics do crop up on a recurring basis :D ) then you can always search the forum using the search engine on the grey navigation bar running across the screen. This is especially useful if you are burning the midnight oil as practitioners often are and there is nobody online to ask :P

Anyway, hope that helps


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