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Hi there, advice needed on the following!!!!!!


At my school the children take home a reading book which are a mixture of ginn and oxford reading tree stories.

I was thinking of basing my literacy planning this week on ORT and reading the big books and introducing the characters, looking at pictures and sentences etc.

Has anyone any good ideas for some small group work i could do with the children. I have some very bright children who would perhaps enjoy some sentence strips or book making activities but also some very young children who perhaps at this stage would benefit from listening to lots of stories.


Any suggestions for work i could do this week in literacy


sorry everyone, its sunday night and my brain has gone soggy....help needed!!!!!!!!!!!

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DO you have any character stamps?

sometimes children enjoy using those, you could make simple zigzag bookof the characters perhaps, stamp and colour and write characters name??

You could extend this for more able children if you wished, "here is" "look at" "I can see"

Children could then take these books home to learn names and talk to parents about.

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At my last school we had Biff, Chip & the rest of the clan made in to stick puppets - really simple to do, just colour photocopy from the pages on to card & laminate, then stick on a stick. This is great for acting out the stories.

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