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Quality of Teaching Observation - Nursery


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Does anyone have any fantastic ideas for an observation based on the quality of teaching in nursery?

Any subject! I can tailor any ideas to meet the needs of my children - just lacking inspiration! ;)

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Thanks for your reply Suer. I have done some serious thinking about this and obviously want it to tie in with the children's interests - though I'm sure most ideas can be manipulated! I have decided on a Mathematics focus.

We are currently in the process of doing a garden makeover which is really exciting. We now have a secret garden and a secret path (which takes the children around a block built shed). We have covered the weldmesh fencing panels with brushwood screening and the area is now looking like a garden. We have also added a lovely little wooden bridge where the children like to 'fish', an arch which leads into the 'secret garden' and lots of fairy doors - numbered 1-9.

I am planning to start with a 'story' about a little fairy that I found crying in the garden (the children have shown lots of interest in the fairy doors this week). The fairy has lost her way and cannot find her friends (who live in the numbered doors). Our 'topic' has been superheroes so she will say that she is looking for a superhero to help her - and of course all the children (group of 5 or 6) will want to help so we will all be superheroes. But what will a superhero need? I will have a box with assorted cloaks, string, light sabres, flowers, flower wreaths, twigs, magic wands and torches - the children could choose 2 objects that they think they might need to take. At the bottom of the box will be some laminated photos (A5) one of each door. These will be the 'clues' - the children will need to find their door around the garden - they will need to look carefully at the shape and the numeral - (there are two of each shape door + one 'odd' door). We will then go outside with our chosen objects (not sure what name to give these objects yet) and our given fairy door photo, after explaining that the challenge will not be complete until we have found all the doors (1-6) and then arrange the photos in number order.

I would really appreciate your comments and any ideas around 'superhero' language (a collective name for the objects that will help us?) or any ideas to improve the 'lesson'. Not sure about how to 'end' the activity yet.


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