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Hi everyone,


I wondered if anyone could offer me some inspiring ideas for my second NQT observation in 2 weeks. I am being observed in Literacy, working on the topic of a recount of our trip to a local fire station. At our school we follow Pie Corbett Talk for Writing across all years including reception, and so I will be expected to have lots of talk for writing in this observation, however I have only ever done it for Storytelling, Instructions and Nursery Rhymes/poems. My lesson will be the second day of the second week of the recount unit so we will be expected to be writing something. Previously I have had whole carpet sessions where I model/do shared writing on the board of the type of text we are focusing on, and then the children attempt to write their own or "invent" their own. Has anyone got any fun/more exciting ideas to make the lesson visually stimulating? It needs to be about 15/20mins as a whole class carpet session, and then a small focus group with 5 or 6 children. Thanks!

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Developing early writing is an old document but is clear on the writing process and has a trip to the fire station in it as an example, you can download it from the internet.


Other than that I would use photographs and it depends on the ability of your class but you could use simple sentence structure, I can see ... Or more complex first, then, next finally.



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The structure for using Pie Corbett is the same for non fiction as in fiction. I believe there is now a non fiction book available from Pie.

So, you learn a recount structure to add your own details to. There must be a simple text that you can use to base this on, if only to model the first, next, last vocabulary etc that you need. If you have time make that into a picture story on the wall with your own children and displaying the vocab alongside.

Take lots of photos on your visit and use them in displays and have them available as visual prompts.

Good luck.

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