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Planning in Foundation/Reception


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Hi everyone,

I just wondered if you could all advise how you currently plan for reception/foundation?

  • We currently have the following levels of planning:Medium term plan - detailing the over arching topic and objectives to be covered along with possible activities.
  • Continuous provision planning which states what resources are available in each area of the classroom and how adults can support these areas. These are just overviews for the year/long term.
  • Weekly planning which has adult led and child choice activities on.


I just wondered if people are adding enhanced provision onto their planning and wondered how this is different to child choice? Or has the term child choice been replaced with enhanced provision? I'm getting in a real muddle!!

Thank you xxx

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As I understood it, enhanced planning is the addition/ modification you make to the continuous provision in response to observations / need.

So, you may have water play as a continuous provision but you may add a range of containers( enhanced) when you see children filling and pouring to enable them to make comparisions of volume etc.

Children re enacting birthday parties in the home corner could be enhanced by provision of party tablecloths, candles with play dough etc.

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