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Hi all,

Looking for some advice and inspiration.

I currently have no puzzles and games area. I have a few maths-ish games within the maths area and puzzles out on the carpet but I like to leave the carpet area free for dancing/large movement. I usually don't have a spare table, so I'm looking for some ideas.

Do I put out a collection within the mathematics area and 'double-up' this area?

Do I put jigsaws out in areas that they relate to e.g. abc jigsaws in book corner/writing area and jigsaws with buildings on in construction area (like we do with books?)

Have them available on carpet area and use it as a 'teaching-tool' as to what they children can choose to do? E.g. if children have chosen to dance then we can't play/jigsaws at the moment and visa-versa?

All ideas welcome!


Green Hippo xxx

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we have games and puzzles in the book area as this is out of the main thoroughfare and is therefore quieter for those children who want to play games on the floor or do puzzles on the small table

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