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Hi everyone,

This is my first post on here, so I hope I have put it in the right area. I am doing a PGCE at the moment and am currently in my first mainstream placement in yr 1. I have my first observation on Thursday and wanted to seek any advice or help for it please?

The lesson WALT I have to stick to is - to use role play to retell the story of Little Red Hen (this is new to the chn)

This is the lesson I am planning (although any feedback / or advice gratefully recieved!) :1b

Introduction: Pie corbet style of telling the chn the story, encouraging them to join in the actions and talking about what happened first / second etc. Then I will use HA chn to model role play of the beggining of the story.

Main activity: Chn in small mixed ability groups choose a character role play their section of the story (start, middle or end), chn can use masks and resources with pictures sequencing the story to help if they need.

Plenary: Groups one by one perform on 'stage' (marked out with marking tape) their section of the story.

Assement will be obervations and photo sheets to go in literacy books.

I'm not really sure if this is any good though, so if anyone wants to comment feel free!

Thank you!!

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Thoughts only----children may need help to identify story structure, ie beginning, middle and end. They will also probably find it difficult to role play just their section so you may find it more helpful to have a variety of props and encourage each group to use their props to retell the story.

HA children will not necessarily find it easiest to role play for you. You may be better to ask for volunteers.

This story is in one of the Pie Corbett collections of stories that all children should know, have you got this to help you?

You may need to read the story to familiarise the children with it first. Maybe the day before so that you can structure your recall with the appropriate sequential language and story structure vocabulary.

Good luck, have fun. (Make some bread too!)

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Hi Susan,

Thanks so much for your (very quick!) thoughts :)

Hmm that's a really good idea to read the story before, we have inset days until tues and then a trip on weds (obs on Thursday) but maybe I can squeeze it in when we get back from our trip before home time.Thank you.

I was wondering about whether it would be better for the chlldren to be able to do the whole story rather than a section, the only thing I'm concerend about is whether they will have enough time (I'm finding it difficult to judge how long activites take!)

With the HA chn role playing as a demonstration, the reason I put that in is I am concerned I might be criticised for not having differentiation in the lesson?

Oh and we are going to make bread either on friday or monday, which I think will be really fun!

Thanks again :)


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If you haven't found it the little red hen told by pie Corbett is on utube. I would make sure the children are very familiar with the story before roleplay, it only takes 5 minutes a day to tell and the children can join in with actions. Just a few thoughts you need to think about differentiation what do you want from the HA that is different from the LA?



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Trouble is Holly, that sometimes the HA children do always respond as well as you would like in more practical activities but I dont know the class. Perhaps you could differentiate the props you give them in some way, maybe the HA could have pictures to sequence and then role play the story. Maybe all groups could have pictures to reinforce your story structure. Have you got a large space to work in? Can you do a whole class role play with you as the leader?

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Thanks for all the comments, it's definitely got me thinking!

I am now wondering whether I would be better of swapping the lessons around so that this first lesson has the Pie Corbet telling of the story and then in ability groups sequencing the story (with differentiation of sequencing work, such as pictures, writing etc) as children may not know the story well enough to be able to role play it in the first lesson.

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For an observed lesson, I think that is probably a better option. Role play is a good way to embed the story though. Make sure you have your LO clearly defined. Look at the Pie Corbett structure and have fun!

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