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Thanks to all who have replied to my previous posts. This one should not involve any questions!

I had a meeting this afternoon with the Deputy Head who is also the assessment coordinatior. She was interested in how I assessed the children and keep records as she had no evidence in her file!

I have worked almost solidly all weekend on planning and assessment - trying to find manageable ways of doing these - especially assessment. I continually worry (as I know many of us do) about planning and assessment - is this how everyone else does it? is it enough? will OFSTED think it is ok? etc (sorry - questions!). I have changed my planning nearly every week to try to find a way that works for me and the children. Or should I say the CHILDREN and I - the reason we're in this job and they often get left at the bottom of the criteria!

Anyway, with thanks to posts on the forum I have devised new planning formats and assessment procedures which seem to be working. I showed these to my Deputy Head - she was impressed by my group observation sheets and my evidence file - she even asked for a photocopy of the obs sheet to use in her KS1 class! She was also impressed with the amount and detail of my planning - her first question was - how do you keep up with all this?

She said that my different activities - focused/teacher-initiated/child-initiated were fine (something similiar to what she did in reception about 10 years ago except it wasn't planned in so much detail!). So, for once, I feel I can relax (a bit) and just get on with it - instead of constently worrying. I will only change things if I think things are not working or I find better ideas.

It is so nice to be appreciated for once. I often feel reception is the last thought for many schools and we end up isolated. The only thing I worry about is that our FS co left last year and has not been replaced as we had to loose her class due to lack of numbers. To all parents, visitors etc I am 'responsible' for reception and do everything for reception, however, I am not the FS co (this is the KS1 co). The FS co was employed because OFSTED critised FS - I'm not sure they'll like FS tagged on to KS1? I just hope everything goes ok when they come in - as I'm sure it's my kneck on the line!


Sorry to have gone on,

Just wanted to share a few thoughts - especially as they are mainly positive.

This forum is great - keep up the good work everyone.


Green Hippo

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Guest tinkerbell

hi Green Hippo

Thanks for sharing your positive feedback from your deputy.It is lovely to hear that someone has found a manageable way to do the planning and assessment.I,m sure she will back you up in any Ofsted as she is the FS co as well.


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Hi Barb,

Will share planning and assessment - will post them soon. 'Waking the Dead to watch' now!

Tinkerbell - Not sure if planning and assessment will be manageable yet! So far, so good but time will tell. The question is - what is manageable? Should we have to do any work at home?


Will keep you posted


Green Hippo

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