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I've got a few children this year working within 22-36 months in a lot of areas.

Does anyone have any experience of supporting this stage of development within a reception class environment, I'm sorting out a visit to a nursery in my area to observe and discuss how they work, and especially to find out more about supporting language. But I just wondered with the wealth of knowledge on here you guys might be able to help?

I've already decided to stop doing whole class inputs and instead work with small groups on differentiated inputs. I'm already using a child led/objective led environment rather than pulling children away from play aka ABC.

C&L and PSED are my biggest areas of concern so will be focussing on those first.

Any other advice?

Thanks x

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Hi Lucie, sounds a wonderful idea to be visiting a local nursery to observe practices there. I would be inclined to go right back to basics in your classroom, I.e. deploying staff in role play area to model talking and social skills, lots of songs, rhymes and phase one Letters and Sounds activities: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/190599/Letters_and_Sounds_-_DFES-00281-2007.pdf interactive displays with items that children want to pick up, hold and discuss. Creative, messy, malleable areas that are full of items that they can create discussions between children and children and children and staff.


Please you say about child led environment because if they're leading their play and learning they will want to talk about it and hopefully behaviour will be positive. Do you have an Early Language team in Early Years that you could tap in to? Have many of the children come in on iep's or having Speech and language therapy or is it more general than that?


Keep being disrupted by my own children whilst writing this so it's a little disjointed. Sorry. Let me know how you get on.

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Lots of S&LT involvement, as well as poor language from others, alongside a third being EAL- when previously we've only had one or two and they've already been speaking some English so I feel a little like I'm just keeping my head above water at the moment!

From your advice it seems I'm on the right track! The head is reluctant to contact the early years team as she doesn't always see eye to eye with them. I looking forward to visiting the nursery, shoud be great!!

thank you

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