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Monitoring number of assessments for each class


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Guest Tamarinlion

Helen, I love the new snapshots especially for group - is there any way it could be exported as an excel file so it can be manipulated rather than a pdf? Also - have I missed the summary of number of ons in each area per child, or did it not make it?

It is still v usable and excellent thank you

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I can see overview of number of obs whe you select children tab - great....but now it automatically changes to new period so wanted to see number of obs each child had last term....so that those who were short on obs could be focus...but can't see how to change to last period? Really don't want to have to manually count up obs from last period Help please....thanks

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The number of observations on the children's page will always reflect the current period. On the 'Thoroughness' page (Analysis > EYFS > Thoroughness > scroll to the picker screens at the bottom and choose 'child') you can set a custom date range which you could use to include the last assessment period as well as the current one if you wanted to. This would let you see the number of assessments (not observations) for children, which would give you a pretty good idea if any children have 'fallen through the net' in terms of frequency. We will be adding the number of observations to this page in due course - then you will be able o see how many assessments and how many observations simultaneously.

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Thanks...so you have to do it for individual pupils though? You can't just see the overview of all pupils with the total number of obs next to them to see quickly? Like you use to on the old version?

Going through the way you suggest doesn't seem to be any less time consuming than manually counting up - a real shame if this feature is no longer available??

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