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We are a 3 form entry primary with a 52 part time place nursery class . . .the SLT in our school have decided they would like to lok closely at EYFS and have very kindly booked an outside consultant to come in and underatke an Early Years Review!!! (in 2 weeks time)


The thought of any type of observatin or inspection always reduces me to a muddlng mess!! and I always think everything we are doing is wrong!!! So I'm looking for some words of wisdom and reassurance if possible.


Is anybody willing to share their current daily routines for NUrs / Rec?


Does anybody do specific planning for Child Initiated time - or do you use your continuous provision planning fr this & just add enhancements daily as appropriate in response to the obsyou make??


Has anybody been through one of these in thir settings - what should we expect??


Many thanks for any responses



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First of all I know outside review feels scary but usually the thought of it is far worse than the experience! Most early years colleagues who undertake reviews have been in your position, they are supportive and can really help your SLT understand EYs. Stay calm focus on what you know you do well, don't change things now, embed your good practise. If you change you're likely to up skittle yourself and the children. Be confident in what you do and don't take any advice personally it's not an attack on you it's just to assist you in your reflective practise. There is no one way that works for all believe in yourself!

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