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I knew I should have bought it when I saw it.......Last week at a stand at the TES Primary Conference there was a small, spiral bound booklet about writing policies for the Foundation Stage. It only cost about £6.00 but being of a mean, penny pinching disposition I didn't buy it. Guess what? This week I find out that I have to re-write, update, invent Foundation Stage policies for everything......does anyone know the title and publisher of the book I saw?

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Can't help with that, but have you looked at the donated policies etc in the Member's Articles area of this site, about page 4 I believe ?? Well worth at least a look, I'd say!


Sue :D

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I think I may have found what you are looking for!

Writing a Policy for the Foundation Stage

Ros Bayley, Lynn Broadbent

Spiral-bound 19 pages (October 31, 2001)

Publisher: Lawrence Educational Publications

ISBN: 190367008X

Costs £6

If you cant find it anywhere, a good site to put the details into for online ordering is




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