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Your opinions wanted on funding for post qualifying training

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Hi I am currently undertaking a Cert Ed to update my Adult Teaching qualification as I teach Forest School Level 3 Leaders. As part of my course I have to do a presentation on a current issue in education for post compulsory education students. As a group we have chosen to look at funding so I am particularly interested in people's opinions about the availability (or lack of!) funding for post qualification CPD training.


With the current cutbacks in funding, one of the areas that Government and local Councils are sometimes reducing is funding professional development training


I would be interested in finding out

1. Is this an issue in your area?

2. What impact is this having on you as a Practitioner?

3. What impact is this having on the children you work with?

4. Is it right that the Government should fund this training or should we be responsible for our own professional development?


Your thoghts would be appreciated, keep it clean please! I know it is a very contentious issue and frustrating for most people but on the other hand some of us older folk never got our courses paid for us so is it a good thing if we do now.


Many thanks

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