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Hi everyone,


Just wondering if anyone has any strategies for helping me to overcome a behavioural issue I am having with 1 of my class. She is very stubborn in the mornings, by the afternoon she is delightful again and from what i know of her home life their are 'issues'. However she is getting more and more disruptive and although it is only little things like refusing to lay down in the hall for a PE cool down, refusing to take off her socks and sit down on the carpet she is getting worse.


Im not really sure what to do with her. Have tried stickers etc. was considering a home school book but as her mother is not the most supportive of parents Im not sure this will work.


Any ideas will be appreciated.

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Oh dear.


How old is this little girl? You mention your class so I presume you're in Reception?


Sounds very much like 1 of my new children, she was 4 during the Summer term so is very young yet but equally such behaviour is disruptive.

Can you use positive praise and ignore her when she's being difficult? How about stickers for the others because they are being good-- think I'd start again by establishing very obvious class rules and reinforce the behaviour you want.

Try to avoid confrontation but equally you can't let her do her own thing or you'll have a riot with the others.


Think I'd avoid the home school book for as long as possible.


Hope you've had a better week, let us know what happens.

I'll keep watching now I've seen this.



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I do feel for you! This is a difficult situation - as you say it certainly seems that it is her home life that is upsetting her - when she has been with you a while she calms down. Is it possible to slow the pace for her for a little while when she arrives? If she doesn't do something to join in then accept her decision and carry on with the others? I appreciate that this will not work in all situations. I think it's very important she feels valued and her self esteem remains intact - which is very difficult when she is being out and out difficult!! Can you use any high scope practice?

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Thank you for the replies. We did re-visit the rules, I spoke to her parents and I did all the praise ideas. \she has calmed down a great deal, although she stil drives me mad at P.E when she refuses to take off her socks in clas then takes 15 mins to put them back on again after she has taken them off in the hall. Still we are getting there but it is a slow process.

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Guest squidgy mummy

In stead of just stickers, how about a reward chart system with a treat (extra go on the computer etc) for getting x ammount of squares/petals/hearts/ etc filled in by say hometime. This has worked v. well with a child in the class I work with as it helps him work towards a goal of his choosing with a consequence for not replying (" if you don't do that by the time the sand timer has finished you loose a token")


Hope this helps :D ,


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