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Characteristics of Learning and Planning


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At my setting they have included the COL in the daily planning sheet, so to say how the children learnt during the activity. Which I have been struggling to fill in sometimes as if it is a planned activity i am assessing it tends to be a creating and thinking critically.


However, during a recent book i have been reading "how children learn; Characteristics of effective early learning by Nancy Stewart" I have seen more of an understanding of how the different characteristics are observed and what each one is.


I was wondering how other settings include the COL in there daily planning. Or is it just a way of setting up the room by allowing for playing and exploring opportunities, by following the childrens current interests to allow for Active learning and by providing occasional practitioner support in encouraging creating and thinking critically? As each child learns in their own way, planning an activity would mean it would be too adult led sometimes to allow space for some children to have the chance to learn in their best way.


How do other settings allow for the COL? is it included in the daily planning? or is there another way of including it in a daily room set up that isnt as structured as a planned activity assessment sheet?


Any tips would be much appreciated



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