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I am an NQT in Reception and am having my first observation next week. Has anyone got any great ideas for the topic Autumn. Anything would be much appreciated. Thanks!!!!

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leaf printing

marble rolling with autumn colours

autumn collage

mixing paint red/yellow/blue to make brown and orange shades



Five little leaves so bright and gay,

Were dancing about on a tree one day.

The wind came blowing through the town ooo... ooo...

One little leaf came tumbling down.


Four little leaves so bright and gay.........


use clip art to make a storyboard and use as a number game.

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Thanks for your reply. A range of activities would be great if youve got any ideas. Just need some good activities to do for group work and some activities for those children to do who are not working with me or my TA, Any ideas would be great!!! Thanks

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hi Little angel, I am going to move this to the curriculum forum!


An autumn walk is always nice, with bags to collect leaves etc that you find although this will be a bit difficult perhaps for an observation and may be better in another couple of weeks. I successfully laminated some of the leaves that we found when I did this last which made a useful reference for the children re sizes and colours etc and meant we were able to compare and contrast very successfully too.


I prefer to start my activities with the walk but you could easily use that as a mid point in which case I would try a story focus, or a simple reference / information book.


Have fun.

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Instead of marble rolling in autumn colours, as already mentioned, we do conker-rolling.


We also look at animals that hibernate in the autumn and so do lots of work on, for example, hedgehogs. By cutting out the children's handprints (done in brown), you can construct a lovely large hedgehog. We also make individual hedgehogs. We give the children a basic outline on card and they use art straws that they cut into smaller lengths and glue on for spikes, followed by painting them brown.


We use salt dough to make 3D hedgehogs - the children roll a piece of dough into a hedgehog shape and use pieces of cocktail sticks (sharp end removed) to stick in for the spikes. They use cloves for eyes. We then bake them until they're hard, the children then paint.

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Autumn is our current theme - have you thought of a class/group number or alphabet book where the children have to think of autumn related things to either draw or stick onto the pages for example a - acorn, b - berries or 1 leaf, 2 conkers etc.

If some items are too bulky to stick in - use magazine pictures/wrapping paper pictures or photographs/clip art pictures which the children can cut out and stick in.

Wishing you well with the theme - it's one of my favourites!

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We do conker rolling too, but also fir cone rolling/printing, which is quite interesting. I too do an autumn walk, but unfortunately there's not that much to look at on our site, just fallen leaves really.

You could have a table of natural materials such as conkers, fir cones, nuts, acorns etc. for the children to make patterns from, e.g. fir cone, conker, fir cone, conker... Opportunities for counting there aswell.

Leaf printing (has anyone said that?)

I.T. using the internet to find out about hibernating creatures

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There's lots of resources on the net but autumn is a great topic, some ideas are

Go on autumn walk and look for changes

Collect leaves/conkers etc and make a display and allow the children to explore using magnfying glasses.

Do some leaf printing

Look at colours of Autumn and do some colour mixing to make Autumn style pictures.

Move like leaves, conkers, wind

Talk about the weather and what you should wear in different types of weather

Make Autumn boxes using cereal boxes, pine cones for hedgehogs, put leaves.

Read Autumn type stories-percy park keeper

Well there's lots of ideas so good luck!

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