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Next steps/parents afternoon


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In the summer holidays we are wanting to make a yearly plan of all things that need to be completed so each member of staff knows when certain things are due, for example, next steps and parents afternoon.


I am wondering when others do their next steps, do they co incide with parents afternoon?


Previously we have a parents afternoon every term, and co incide the next steps with these parents afternoons, so we can talk to the parents about them at the same time (When a child completes their next step/plod it is re done as and when)


When do you have your parents afternoons? And how often? And do you arrange your next steps with this?


Many thanks in advance.

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Good parental involvement , we grab our parents either beginning of session or end as and when

We do have open mornings, I tend to keep these for coffee, informal chats and stay and play

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