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Hi all,

Just wondering what other people put in their writing area and/or around their setting to support and encourage writing of words and sentences once the children have started (and are progressing with) phase 2 phonics?


Green Hippo x

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This has been a real focus area for us as our children still need a lot of support with their writing.


A few things we have done recently are:

  • putting out cvc and cvcc picture cards with whiteboards and pens for them to write labels
  • cvc and cvcc objects with whiteboards and pens
  • items of real food with shopping list templates for children to attempt writing trickier words
  • pieces of folded card with food and drink pictures for children to create menus and write corresponding word


We have also put out word cards for children to copy to support letter formation and writing confidence.


Hope some of that helps!

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bgfrancis - do you simply put these resources on the table or do you have somewhere separate to display? I have seen lots of examples of words hung on washing-lines but I have to admit to not being a great fan as children do not tend to look up at them. I find it difficult to know how to display different prompts as if you put them in a box/tray children don't often look through it to find what they want. I have a display of different types of writing next to the writing area with the letter cards around the edge but not sure the children actually look at these unless prompted (apart from the letter cards).

Thanks, Green Hippo x

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