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Staff not getting jobs done


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I have a staff rota on the wall in both our rooms that outlines what the staffs roles are before and after session.


For example it lists who is doing snack, cleaning bathroom and when there designated paperwork time is.


If a staff is failing to use their time effectively just remind them that you expect it to be done in their own time if they choose not to use their allocated time wisely! I also carry out fortnightly l.journal checks for a chance to try and tackle this issue but in all honestly it is only one staff member I have this battle with.

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Hmmm I am having similar problems with a member of staff...I'm deputy manager of a pre-school, and went to a local cluster meeting last night, we were given info on the new ofsted guidelines, ie; peer observations, safe guarding etc, i took this back to work today and was told 'I'm only paid level 2, so all that is not my job'!!!! this member of staff is paid level 2 teaching assistants wage over £10 an hour, and for me too it is only one member of staff that i am constantly battling with :/

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Good heavens, over £10 an hour!!!

In my area most qualified level 3s are paid government basic and expected to get on with everything, in own time if necessary - she should count herself lucky and buckle to!


Sorry, but I'm a bit gobsmacked by her attitude with that sort of remuneration!

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I often point out to my staff when they groan about stuff like paperwork and cleaning stuff that yes they may be able to make a bit more money working on the tills at Tesco ( or other high street retailers ;) ) but with their job now they are influencing the next generation and genuinely making a difference to young children's lives - it works every time !

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I have invested in a huge whiteboard where I write everything I want done that day and when it needs to be done. I have tried and tried to leave it to the staff to manage their own time but it never, ever happens so I need to use the board....working well so far!

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