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Hi, does anybody have any exciting activities children can do based around the Train Ride story apart from the obvious ones.Thanks

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(I hope these weren't included in the 'obvious' list!)


I have heard of, but don't actually know the story - assuming it does actually feature a train, how about these:


Tyre painting, with real trikes & bikes & also with toy vehicles;

Role play area: a train or a station, or a buffet cart (depends how worldly your children are);

Creating trains from large cardboard boxes;

PD: a bit like follow the leader, but pretend you're all on a train. Select someone as the driver, and nobody is allowed to pass them: everyone stay on the train in their correct places, OR all sit in a line pretending to be on the train;

a number line created from train carriages;

junk modelling: create some buildings, flowers, trees etc. to go alongside toy train track.

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How about being the train -playing follow my leader in straight lines and around curved track making clickety clack sounds and slowing down and speeding up, over hills and under bridges through tunnels! e.t.c. You could look at reflections or talk about-do some work on what children see through windows on the bus or car or plane

Role play going on a trip with tickets using large wooden blocks.

Draw train track patterns inside and out big or small scale

Make laminated train tracks to make number trains -using multilink or cubes. good for 1-1 matching sometimes.

hope these are some use. It's a super story.


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