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**IMPORTANT** CM'r Agencies Time is Running out


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If you don't want agencies then its important you respond to the UKCMA survey. UKCMA are representing minders all over and will be having a meeting at Westminster soon but TIME IS VERY VERY SHORT


You need to do a few simple things:


Respond to and share the PETITION far and wide (find the links on Facebook Page One Voice Together for Quality or www.togetherforquality.com)


Repsond to the UKCMA survery (again on One Voice links)



This is SO important - the Bill has been passed and this is probably one of the last opportunites to fight it hard..... don't bury your head

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Here's the write up by Penny about when she and 2 members from UKCMA met with Lord Storey last Wednesday.


She has lots of ideas of how we can try and encourage the government to sit up and listen to the people who actually work in the Early Years, children and families.


Please read, sign and share




Thank you



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