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In house training- Ideas please


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As part of my appraisals and to show I am doing all I can to support a particular staff member I really feel the need to deliver some in house training around:


Observations and the different types

Next steps


Can anyone recommend or suggest any websites/books/articles that I may find useful? Struggling with a starting point.


Thanks in advance

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what about looking for you tube clips of children playing and then as a team you all write an observation on what you have just seen and discuss it. Then talk as a team about what the next steps should be. There used to be some clips of children playing in the old EYFS pack on the CD if you still have it.


can you take time in session to jointly observe and then compare at the end? this then could become part of the appraisal process.

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oh just had another thought there is a pack we got from our local inclusion team its the IDP pack and there is a whole in house training package that comes with it. It is based around behaviour and how to interact with parents of children with behaviour challenges but when I used it I cherry picked the lot so we didn't cover things we didn't need. There maybe stuff in there that you could use as a starting point even if you can't use it in its entirety. I know you don't want it for the behaviour angle but it does have case studies and little activities that may inspire even if you don't actually want to use the pack itself.

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