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We have blackboards (painted chipboard) screwed to our outdoor walls and use them with chalk. At present with introducing Jolly Phonics the focus is very much on letter formation and practising name writing.



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I was going suggest an 'Outdoor Mark Making Box' if you dont already have one they are quite easy and cheap to put together .

If you get hold of a durable plastic box with lid and handle from hardware shop.


I have in mine (I might miss something as it is at school and I cant remember off the top of my head)


a box of chunky coloured playground chalk

a regular box of chalk

2 squeezy botttles (well cleaned out)

2 small painters trays and mini paint rollers

3large paintbrushes (like decorators use)

3 Small paintbrushes

A small sized bucket

and a larger bucket (to fill small one)


Sometimes the children use it to squeeze out water to write their name, cvc words on the ground or on the wall

Draw pictures beginning with a specific phoneme

chalk their names/cvc


I sometimes add food colouring to the water or a small amount of soap.


When we got the dreaded ofsted it was snowing and I had planned for an assistant to do some phonics work outside using our playground letter markings - Hence we couldnt see them cos of the snow

I added some food colouring to each of the buckets of water and the children were able to write some of their initial sounds in the snow using the squeezy bottles. They loved it!!!!


Provided loads of vocab to about melting and the kids loved the colours on the snow.


Good Luck

Sure others will come up with loads more ideas!


might be something useful on here too - http://www.preschoolrainbow.org/preschool-outdoor.htm

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Im really struggling to find good ideas for developing literacy using the outdoor area.


Does anyone have any ideas?


At my Pre-schools we have a (pint sized) market stall outside as a fixture.


It is a great way of displaying things for sale from "veg" to " car boot". The signs prices etc are a big part as is there is opportunity for list writing and finding things that begin with "C" etc.


Also, tried and tested is an icecream shop with small graphic area nearby for designing lollies an wrappers.


Hope it helps



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We used to have an alphabet on the playground (faded now :o ). This was great - children could take out a box of objects and sort them according to initial sound, jump on all the letters in their name etc.

Depending on your ourdoor area - you could play I-spy, hand letters/pictures from trees/fences and sort according to initial letter. We have a tent which we put out and it put in a box of books (encourage boys to 'read') it becomes our 'reading tent'. I chalk patterns (straight lines and anti-clockwise target) or letters which the children can trace over with water brushes (although this year's lot just want to wash them off!!). We also have a 'writing box' - one of those cleaning trays with a handle (do you know what I mean??) and put in different things - coloured paper, different types of mark makers, foam letters etc.


Nothing rocket science I'm afraid, but will think more - and look forward to other responses.



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