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Ancient Greece - leading to Olympics


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Hi Everyone,



Happy Saturday!!


I am being observed for 45 mins teaching year one for a job post on Monday. The theme is Ancient Greece - leading on to the Olympics (as on Friday it will be linked to their sports day event)


I am trying to think of enhancements for the areas. The children are year one, I am the third person teaching that day so want to do something different (even considering wearing a toga)


Going to put a 'toga teddy' in the book nook with Zeus challenge card to read non fiction books to teddy, role play reading, etc

Sand -laminated Olympia cards and post it notes, stones etc with Zeus challenge card'Can you build Olympia?' 'What would you call your stadium?'

One group will work with TA outdoors, throwing discus recording distance with non standard/standard measure depending on ability.

Creating foil etching coins in the make and do as prizes.

Writing area - tea stained paper, word mats,ancient Greek letters


Got some small blocks and dough made incase table tops are free as unsure if they are in the class.

4 computers with ancient Greece BBC clips on


Unsure of maths or water. Will introduce session as a whole, power point on board, discuss previous understanding. Then children to go and choose, Ill do a pit stop plenary mid way through and a story at the end of session. Might do a 6 thinking hats activity with a focus group or might just manage CP.


ANY help or ideas is much appreciated!




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Water idea.....Archimedes










I once got 2 containers and filled both with exactly same amount of water and then floated 2 identical little plastic boats in each container and then got 2 teams of children to go round the garden finding stones to drop in to raise the water level to see which team could bring the boat to the top first.


Then we tipped out the content and counted the stones and talked about why some of the objects added hadn't work as some of my little ones put in twigs and blades of grass :wub:

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