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Hello everyone!


Haven't posted on here before so please be gentle with me!!


I am currently looking for audit tools other than the ECERS and ITERS to implement for my team in all learning areas in the setting.

My S.I.P said the Kent Trust Web has examples but i've spent the last hour on there and cannot find anything!


Does anyone have any ideas of places I can look or would anyone be kind enough to share what they do in their setting?!

Waiting in anticipation!! :huh:


Tinkerbell33 x

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Hi Tinkerbell33,

Sorry you haven't had any replies to this. What kind of audit tool are you thinking of, and why wouldn't ECERS be suitable? When you mention learning areas, do you mean areas within your learning environment, or the 7 areas of learning?


Oh, and welcome to the forum :D

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Would it be worth going back to the Principles into Practice cards from the original EYFS? After all they are still very relevant. We have done this by simply using the bullet points as starters for discussion and then noting 'What we do well' or 'Areas to develop.

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