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Does anyone use O-Track or have any experience of it?


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We are just about to move our record keeping onto O-Track web based software.


Anyone have any experience of it? Positives / negatives?


You have to record progress against the 17 aspects of learning - first thoughts are 78 Nurseries (as someone in Y5 called them the other day) x 17 aspects = 1326 bits of data to be inputted every half term.....

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Our whole school just moved to this system as the new head wanted something that could be used from nursery upwards!


In conversation with the reception teacher and the head we in foundation stage are not going to input data every half term, we are going to do baseline and then termly as we would usually.


I found it easy to use and my only criticism was that for the children in the "private " nursery sessions who don't go on the school SIMs we couldn't input their data because they don't get a UPN!


However after a chat with the folks at Optimum they have given us dummy numbers which will need to be changed when the children hit school.


They will have to do this for all of our nursery next September as the maintained sessions are shutting down.


The software allows for lots of groupings of children and the data for them.


It seems ok to me!

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We use it, had quite alot of teething issues, still not perfect in my opinion.

Not sure if we are going to keep it another year.

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