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Cycles or bi-cycles?


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We have a whole school Science Week coming up in June. The theme is 'Cycles'.

Here in Foundation stage we have slightly blown it already by observing our caterpillars turn into butterflies and growing cress and sunflowers this half term.


I've considered human life cycles but am not blown away by that.


So I'm wondering whether to think laterally and deal with bicycles.

I thought of - The Jolly Postman, Mrs Armitage on Wheels, designing our own bikes with special features, parts of a bike, sketching, having a bike day, journeys and maps, bike/road safety, weaving around spokes (where can I get wheels for free - my son won't be very impressed if I borrow his!)


Actually that's quite a lot isn't it!?!?


Perhaps I don't need inspiration


but just wondering if anyone has done a mini project like this before?


Thanks all!

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