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Settings separate but managed by a school


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Is anyone in this position?

If so how does it work? What happened when the school took over?

How much do you have independence and how much does the school dictate what you do?

Does anyone regret this decision?

Thanks in advance.

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No we are completely separate but we have considered asking the school to take over the role of our governors. But the concern is how much they would want to make financial decisions for us and what effect that might have on the staff.

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I work in a maintaned morning nursery and then it is private in the afternoon sessions. I am the one member of staff who stays all day.


The school manage the private bit and of course the maintained bit is school run anyway.


From September we wil be private all day.


If you are asking the school and hence the Governors to take it over they would have to be financially responsible and so I expect they would be entitled to make many financial decisions!


Up until now I have mainly dealt with the head but I think this will change in September!

The onus will obviously be to be financially viable so no change for you there I wouldnt think!


Our nursery in its new form will very much be part of the school and so school have a say in the quality aspects because if its school run it is inspected by Ofsted at the same time as the school and could potentially fail the school I suppose if it was really terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :ph34r:


It might be worth a conversation with the school you are thinking of!!


Good luck :D

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Hi, have been lurking for a while but my first post, so hello!!!

We are a private day nursery catering for 6 weeks to 5 years however we were set up and are managed by our local lower school, which became an Academy last year.The school has no idea on daycare and nursery issues, so leave me thank fully to get on with it most of the time. Our site agents and cleaning staff are contracted by the school, as is the building maintance etc. We are on a different site, but in close proximity to the school, so i dont even have to think about this side of things. Our coporate identity is that of the school and my line manager is the head of Early Years who I meet with on a monthly basis to discuss issues from Safeguarding, practice and staff. We also have the use of the full buisness finance department. The downsides are that we as a setting of 9 staff are unable to really make any major decsions about how we run our nursery, we have to access to funds and trying to get extra money out of them can be quite difficult. They try to stipulate blank rules for their whole staff team which just can't apply to nursery staff who work full year 40 hours a week so have to battle with them on certain things like holiday entitlement. Before offical things get sent out with the school logo on it it is meant to be check by the leadership team, which can ,make things very long winded. However when they employed me the nursery hadnt opened and was being built (thats a whole different issue) and this was my first management job, so was very grateful for the support at the start. I could go on and on about the pro's and cons and still don't really know which side of the fence i sit on.

Good luck

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