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Keeping Children Safe In School


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I have to design a booklet for other staff informing them about how to keep children safe in the school, this is for my course. I have been searching on google for some ideas on how to do this but cannot find anything, its has to be simple and accessible and chatty.

Any ideas, suggestions, websites most welcome


Angela :D

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Hi February,

May I suggest that you first list aspects of safety; The physical environment, safe equipment-maintenance and use, outings, lost child, safety against bullying or intimidation, child protection, domestic violence ( at home how to support parents/children, and how to deal with violent incidents from adults in school grounds, health safety such as administration of medicine, safe lifting, safe access for physically impaired children & adults,Fire safety, etc, etc. Then work from this list, which is the essential info for the Teachers position ( compared to school health & safety officer or school inclusion officer etc)


Use pictures and bullet point texts to help ease of reading.


Have a look for details of Staying Safe, one of the 5 New Outcomes for Children derived from Every Child matters, which is the basis now for Ofsted Inspections.


Good luck, are you going to share all your hard work with us, when completed??



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another idea is to involve children in identifying what makes them feel safe, what safety rules they know etc and ask them to produce a "safety" poster each to put in the leaflet.


p.s. Health safety: Allergies/poisons



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