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Hello! I am new to the forum and am still getting used to it!

I'm also new to teaching and need some ideas and advice please!

I'm an NQT in a Nursery class in a primary school.

Does anyone have any examples of outdoor play plans they could share/good websites as I am trying to improve the one already in place which is hard to understand!

Also ideas on the best ways to assess and use observation sheets?


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Hi Ellie and welcome,

Learning through landscapes is a national organisation which supports outdoor development and has curriculum ideas. Sorry don't know if it has a website, try a google search, or someone else may come along and point you in their direction.


Good luck with your new position, hope you've found the forum useful so far. There are lots of discussions on planning, observation and assessment, again use search on the forum, and/or go to forum index.



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Hi, thanks for the links - i'm having trouble with the link to previous discussions. It keeps coming up with 'this page cannot be displayed'. Am I doing somthing wrong?

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