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Just wondering if anyone can share an easy format which will help link my staff observations to supervisory and appraisal stage.

We have been on the recent course and now feel bogged down by additional needs and samples of paperwork given to us.


Our normal procedure begins with:


A staff observation and feedback which is used by the individual staff as part of their professional development and is stored in their personal file. We aim to do a supervisory observation every 8 weeks and to provide feedback which supports our improvement plan/sef.


We use these supervisories annually with our appraisal. On our appraisal we aim to set 3 targets one linking to the children eg monitoring the quality of learning that we provide, the second personal professional development eg training meeting both business and personal development and the third a link to our improvement plan/sef.


Does anybody do anything different or do we need to add more?


We would welcome any comments or suggestions.


Kim and Jodi

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