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Timetable & planning issues -Rec/Ks 1 class


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Hi was wondering what planning templates people use. I have just moved to a new school and have been told I can plan however I like. I was going to include adult initiated act, child initiated play, outdoor play, assessment/next steps. Would you put days along the top or just have the planned activities across the top for lit and for maths planning so can be more flexible?


Am trying to set up challenges based on homes for yr 1/2 and get them to work more independently so it frees me up to obseve & help in the areas. Have read Moving into Ks1 julie fisher and loved that approach but after one week am tearing my hair out getting them to be independent and not just work from worksheets like their previous teacher just did!!!


Any examples of planning for mixed rec/yr 1/2 would be welcome and/or egs of a timetable.Examples of challenges based on homes would be great. Does everyone do lit & maths every day & guided reading?


Sorry for going on but have loads in my head to sort out and don't know if I am coming or going


Thanks Seggi

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Hi seggi and welcome, I dont think Ive welcomed you before.


You obviously have a challenge ahead and I would think you need to make sure you are addressing the needs of KS1.

There was some excellent maths planning available on the Bedfordshire Maths site and Lancs had some examples of mixed age planning--althoigh Im not sure if either of these are still available for free access. Clickteaching and Hamiliton trust also had some, but I always found the latter only good for a starting point and I havent used the mixed age planning at all.


Do you have an advisor who could help you or some schools with similar class structures that you could visit?

It may be an idea to look at the previous teacher's planning and start from there, changing things a little bit at a time or you may become overwhelmed.


Enjoy and have fun and I hope someone else will be along soon with more practical help.

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Thanks Susan


Any advice is welcome. I am, as u say trying to do too much all at once and drowning!! Rome wasnt built in a day and my acting head is pleased with what I have already done but I need to be in 2 places at once at the moment!! Will look at bedfordshire site and see. I have looked at Hamilton and like u say it is good as a starting point. Thanks for replying & I am sure things will work out it will just take time.

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