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We are awaiting our inspection and I am nervous as I don't think I have enough evidence to show howe we Self Evaluate. I completed the SEF at the end of August, but have not updated the new format yet. Do you keep a log of all changes you make or implement, use a specific form or just rely on the SEF?

Many thanks

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Hi - do you have any photos that you could put into an album (either digitally or hard copy) and quickly annotate to show the progress/developments you've made? - the pic doesn't have to illustrate the development entirely (if you don't have one for a specific reason) but could be a representation in some way that leads to the annotation being read - hope that makes sense! Try not to create work for yourself - look for things that you already have - and think of the impact it's had


Do you have development plans? Is there a column on the end for 'Impact' - if not could you add one on?


we do a bit of all sorts and sign post in the sef or else it feels like we are completing a paper exercise and reinventing the wheel! (we try very hard never to create extra paperwork!!)


For me the SEF doesn't make me reflect as we do it anyway...it just forces me to record everything when I should/could be doing other things!

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Hi - I have two settings and both have been inspected in January and awarded Outstanding. We completed our SEF just two months before the inspection and the inspector said that she had gained an awful lot from it before even seeing the setting, she just expected to see what she had read about in practice. She asked about how often we review and up date the SEF and who is involved and looked at evidence of this. What we do is update it and then at the next review (termly) we make any changes and then simply file the new SEF in a file along with the old one. The inspector could clearly see the changes and along with the setting development plan she could see it all in practice.

We also have 'evidence books' showing all the things we complete in a term, just photos and annotations of what has been covered. We link these to the 7 areas of development. Our inspector loved this idea. These things were all listed and spoken about in the SEF.


Hope that helps.

Good Luck

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