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Re observation in nursery for Letters and sounds i.e rhmye

Guest lou73

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Hi Guys,

I am being observed by my peers this week on letters and sounds with regard to rhyme and wanted some advice please about an idea i have had, sometimes they can be a bit bonkers!!!


We have been practicing rhyme through, rhyming names, stories and songs for a long while now and the children seem to be getting the concept. What i wanted advice on was this.......i hope it makes sense.

  • The children will be separated into two smaller groups by ability - I will take the brighter sparks.
  • The children seem to be able to suggest words (made up) that rhyme with their names.
  • I wanted however to really try and show the children that although the initial sound within rhyming the words can change, the end doesn't, which makes it rhyme when another similar ending word is said with it....hope i am making sense so far. i.e. car, bar, far
  • I had a thought to use a long piece of string and get a child to hold the far end of it, another to hold the middle and the rest of the children to stand at the end.
  • I was then going to say the string is like a word, the first child is the start of the word, the next is the middle and the end is the rest of the children.
  • I thought we could then swap the first two children but not the last group.
  • obviously this would be supported with lots of explanation......will this work? should I try it? thought it might be fun, lots of moving around....etc
  • We would then move on to sing a song 'rhyming hat what's inside' and pull out objects and place them into two corresponding rhyming hoops. making strings on rhyming words but with a focus on two groups i.e. car, bar, star, and cake, rake, bake, snake, etc

Any advice or thoughts would be good thanks.


Lou #

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I think that although that sounds like a good idea, it is a bit difficult for nursery and phase 1.


However, you know your children and maybe they are ready for that?


Make sure you have a clear objective so that you can demonstrate learning.

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Hi thanks, have decided that I will leave this for another day as it could go wrong! I think that some of the chidlren would get it, but a bit risky for an observation.......I will try another time.

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