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Hi there - Just a general question really, have any of you had any experience of being an Eco-Schools Co-ordinator for your setting and if so, how did you run it alongside your teaching responsibilities ? I'm an NQT in Reception (P/T) and have been handed the responsibility as I do have a genuine interest in this. The school have been running an Eco programme but the original teacher has taken on other responsibilities so handed it over to me. I just don't seem to be able to get going with it. The bottom line is time (isn't it always) and I don't want to use my days off to do this. If anyone can offer suggestions as to how they have done this or how they would do this in their setting (l'm in a large infant school), I would be very grateful. I have an inkling it may be taken off me (and then I feel I have failed :( ) if I don't do something soon. Thank you.

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Guest tinkerbell

Hi Harvey and welcome

I started doing the eco school awards a few years ago and will be picking it up again this term after having a year of upheavel (new building) etc

The website is quite straight forward,get the log in details from your colleague.

I run an eco/gardening club with the KS2 children and we have done several school projects,we collect plastic bottle tops that are weighed in (15 bags =£12)we have done 'waste week' checking what food is popular at lunchtime and weighing waste!we had an excellent vegetable garden ...will have a new one soon.

You self regulate and can get bronze and silver awards by completing challenges...the gold/green flag you have to have paper work and a school motto ,displayboard and evidence of meetings and achievements etc.

So my advice would be keep ,dated of everything you do,do assemblies with your club,get news in the school newsletter,have a competition to involve the whole school eg 'drink more water'poster the best one to be photocopied and laminated and put up in each classroom.(get the local newspaper up for photo shoot)

We are a 'healthy school'so hit quite a few of the criteria too...you may be doing things in school that will tick boxes.You do need to get everyone behind you so update staff at staff meetings to what you are doing and they may tell you what they are doing too eg my reception class will be taking part in the growing potato competition..

Hope some of my ideas have helped,it is good fun,I love recycling and showing these skills to children.


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