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I am desparate for any help possible. I am due to be assessed on a physical activity with a group of year ones. I have to include creativity, imagination, gross motor skills and balance. Ive been thinking of a jungle theme. Firstly I need a small peice of music in which the children can move to i.e loud for elephants, fast for tigers, jumpy for monkeys etc. I havent a clue of how to warm up. Perhaps a small game of simon says, but adapting it to the jungle master says. i would probably get the children to run around in between.


Anybody got any ideas, even if i need to adapt them. Oh and the head teacher is doing the observation FANTASTIC.


I would also be greatful on anytips on confideance or nerves. I am having sleepless nights and my obo isnt untill the end of October!




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We had a dance inservice by a tutor from one of the universities a few months back and she demonstrated with a group of children.

She linked the dance with 'Rumble in the Jungle' and then she used the jungle book music (as matilda suggested) for the children to dance to. Worked well.

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Jungle book music sounds good to me too. The elephants stomping through the jungle to .... Keep it up, two three four (is that it??)


Can't recall off hand, but Carnival of Animals, St. Saens (?????) is another thought. Sorry not more specific. Shouldn't really be on here - OFSTED and all that :o

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Ok this is a lesson I did with reception but can't remeber where I got it from. You could put a circus into it and get the children balancing and juggling etc. I used a 'whole new world' from Aladdin as the chn were flying. However, I had different pieces of music when we were doing the skills bit at the beginning. I had another adult to control this though! It might just give you some inspiration.


All get ready for take off in your aeroplane. Show me your beautiful stretched wings. Go!


Fly to every part of the room, weaving in and out of other aeroplanes. Keep your shape and let me see you leaning from one side to the other as you do a sharp turn.


Now we are going to think about some of the things you might see when you are flying in your aeroplane. When I say stop you will stop your aeroplanes and show me some movements of things that might be happening at different places. Start by flying and gliding through the sky.


Stop! Show me what might be happening at the seaside (swimming, floating, paddling, rowing, diving, building a sand castle. Now we fly on again.


Show me what lovely big actions happen in a chn’s playground (climbing frames, swinging, see-saw, skipping, throwing and catching, cycling, jogging)


Back to flying again


Stop! We are over a big zoo. Please show me with your actions and body shapes what animal you are in the zoo. (monkeys, elephants etc)


Main Dance


We are now going to put our dance together. Our aeroplanes are like magic carpets taking us up in the sky.


All ready for take off. When I say stop I will remind you where you are. Off you go.


Seaside – swimmers, floaters, rowers, divers, sandcastle makers


Flying – show me gliding up and down and your turns


Playground – climbing, swinging, skipping, throwing and catching, cycling, jogging.


Flying– weaving in and out, looking down at the zoo


Zoo – monkeys elephants etc


Fly home





I had another about a toy maker leaving his workshop and the toys coming to life that was nice at Christmas but it will be too early for you.

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There all really good, thank you so much. The aeroplanes is a great warm up idea.


I am so so greatful to you all. Thanks to the ofsted person who shouldnt be here too...



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You could try a warm up session with morning time in the jungle, appropriate music and animals waking up. Then children can shake out and stretch, feet, legs, bodies, hands, arms, shoulders, necks, heads etc. and eventually move around. At the end of the session you could do the 'cool down' as night descends and animals go to sleep. Children slowly relaxing all parts of the body and then going to sleep quietly. Hope it goes really well and everybody is impressed by how wonderful you are! Ruthanne : :)

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