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Hi just wondering if any settings out there go for regular walks, for example to local rivers or woodlands?

We have insurance,permissions and risk assessments for local walks to the park, shops and immediate local environment, however we would like to introduce some forest school inspired activities and den building in the nearby woodland, does anybody know if there would be anything extra we would need to do? there is a small shallow river running through the woodland, do we need to notify Ofsted with us being near water? Or would it just be a case of risk assessing and being extra vigilant and increasing ratios?

Thanks in advance everyone.

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it is about risk assessing, having the correct ratio or slighlty more untill you are happy about being in this environment,


make sure you have changes of clothes, correct clothing to start with including waterproofs, that you talk to the children about what they can and cannot do, we have a taped off area when we go and all the children know they cannot go past this tape, they must stop and turn back.


make sure on your risk assessment you include covering cuts or abrassions before going into water, carrry good first aid kit include sting relief and insect repellent

include Lyme disease and let the staff know what it is, how to treat ticks having said that in the four years we have been doing this i havent had to deal with them !


It is the best learning and your children will probably never be able to have such experiences again


go for it and have fun

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