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Hello everyone

Right this might be a stupid question, but since my last course (back in 2008) i haven’t been working or studying in this area.

so im not quite sure how to use the revised EYFS to link it to activities

for example, for these activities: story time, number ryhmes, water & sand play

how do they meet the learning goals for these two ages of development 30-50 months and 40-60 months

how do i link the 'Development matter statements' for the above activities

And how can i differentiate the activities for the 2 age groups in order to help children achieve each appropriate learning goal.

Any help will be much appreciated.

thanks in advance x

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I think you're trying to attach a learning intention for an activity- do I understand you correctly? I think planning has generally changed to a more individual style, according to each child's needs. For example, if you have a child who is working within 30-50 mths age band for listening and responding to stories, then you might look at the other statements in that age-band, or the positive relationships and enabling environments columns to give you ideas of what to do with that child next. So, for example, if your child listens attentively to stories, you might want to encourage him to "join in with repeated refrains" or to "anticipate key events and phrases" (page 16 of the dev matters). The positive relationship column suggests introducing "rhyme bags", and the enabling environments column suggests "draw attention to the similarities in sounds at the beginning of words- mmmmmmummy".


So, maybe you could move away from planning an activity, with a dev matters statement as your learning intention, and opt for the approach above? Sorry if I've confused you further! :D

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