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Hello rocket, sleepless night?


Personally I would start off by introducing them to 'storymaking' sessions, so they get the idea of how to constuct the story. With my pre-schoolers we gather a group of objects together and then build something around them, involving the children in the group. Once they're used to it you can get some really good ideas. I usually then scribe the story for them, which they illustrate (writing their own captions if they want) and we keep in a folder entitled (imaginatively! :o ) 'Our stories'. This is kept in the book corner for everyone - including parents (and Ofsted!!)- to look at . Often, one of the stories will be reproduced in the Newsletter.


Once they've got the idea, you could get your children to actually write it themselves, then set them off making their own stories. Any help?


Sue :D

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hi Rocket you will need to model a lot at first, perhaps telling the children how to satrt their story. They will need lots of oral input snd you could easily extend Sue's ideas, use pictures as well as objects. Children could write a few sentences about a simple picture story. It will also help to be able to write about their own experiences and rewrite stories that they know well.

Keep it very simple and extend it.

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Guest tinkerbell

Hi Rocket,

I teach a mixed R/Yr1 class.Last week i went on a course making storyboxes, this is super way in to getting the children interested in making stories orally.Basically storyboxes are shoe boxes that hold miniture world characters and settings, by cutting down the seams of the box they become flat when the lid is taken off to reveal

eg farmlandscape,green,brown fence and some plastic farm animals (each child needs a character)

seasides scene, space, house ,snow whatever.

The children need to play in small groups or on their own with the box making up their own story, this can be written down by adult.

The teacher can use story box with group or class in shared writing by writing the beginning of the story with children and then the children write the ending, again teacher could work with groups so their could be four or five endings written to be shared with the whole class.

Ive also used story sacks with whole class reading familiar story then using props for the children to reenact the story, then you will find they will change things if you ask what would happen if?

The children can then write about their favourite bit(reception)the year1 could have ago at writing the beginning ? at this point in the school year my children are not up to writing a whole story!


Hope this helps Tinkerbell

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