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This is a tall order I know but hopefully someone will understand/be able to assist me.


I have to overhaul assessment (ofsted inspection recommendations). The Early Years specialist advised me to assess the children against EYFS specifically. The school I am in used their own assessment that basically consisted of - can they speak english, can they understand instructions and what (if any) skills do they have in literacy/numeracy already. I know that we should be assessing using the profile but I am struggling to see the bigger picture.


The children are only with me and the other teachers for approx 1 hour (don't separate particularly well either, more so for my FS1 kids) and at the moment I have no idea visually how this sort of assesment will/should look.


Just some info that might help. The FS1 kids start coming to me in Feb. They must have turned 3 by September to be considered for the year group. FS2 come to me at the same time and they must have turned 4 by Sept.


Any help/documents at all you can pass my way would be great. I have looked at the development matters for the relevant age group but I seem to be getting bogged down by so many of the things they could/should do, this worries me as how can I ever see that in a large group of children in such a short space of time. Logistically on a piece of paper how can I simplfy this for others to use and understand.


Thanks in advance.

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