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Areas for under twos? continious provision?


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can you help

we are re organising the under twos room and it hs been suggested we have continious provision areas

we willl have a room for non walkers and a toddlers room walkers up to the age of 2


does anyone else do this?

If so what areas do you provide?


I presume this will be the same as per use for over threes but not so many workshop areas?


If anyone could share there plans that would be great?


carla I can see you ded - was this just for your baby room as the dev matters stopped at 8-20 months?





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If we were to take a child up to two we would be looking at planning separately due to the restrictions of the unit I work at. All the babies/toddlers (up to 6 in a session) from 6 weeks are cared for together.

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Guest jane707

Zoned areas don't work that well for little ones in my experience - they tend to muddle things up because of their schemas!

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Guest cathy m

I'm a childminder and all activities and experiences are provided for all children despite caring for different ages. I don't have zoned areas but appreciate nursery provision is very different.

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