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do you really want this? http://www.nurseryworld.co.uk/news/1169665/Why-introducing-childminder-agencies/?DCMP=ILC-SEARCH



I don't !!! I am capable of running my own business. I want control of who I have in my setting - we ALL know that we need to consider the dynamics of all the children and our families, we need to click with clients. I can set and collect my own fees and so on. I am SELF EMPLOYED and quite happy to be so. I resent the implication that you will not be quality if not in the agency. Where will you access training, how much will it cost you to BE in the agency or to be independtly inspected? Do you want to be collectively graded or recognised for your own merits and not have someone else graded with your hard work - lots of questions


What will a school know about running a childminder agency?










start telling your MP

they have u-turned on GSCE's - lets save childminding - we are now an endangered profession as we know it right now.

Can you afford NOT to stand up and be counted?

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How to find your MP





the official ratios petition: (twenty thousand plus signatures and the backing of a whole host of 'big EY names' and organisations)






a link to an new but fast growing forum with lots of updates about the current climate


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