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Differentation In Nursery


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Hi - The team at our nursery does brilliant planning with a massive variety of activities but we need to show how we are differentiating between diff ability/aged chdn. We have so much on 2 A3 sheets as it is (week's worth).What do others do?

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We have our weekly plans with the adult role under the activity so it might be (very simple example)

Art table - handprinting with red and yellow paint.

Adult role - to talk about the colours and what happens when they mix

Support - offer printing for children unwilling to use hands

Extend - encourage making a pattern with hands.


We also list our target activities with identified children and our BTTM children are listed too.


We also find it hard to get enough info on our plans so often I will draw up a separate activity plan on A4 to keep in a theme folder that has more detailed suggestions for support and extension and then the plan states 'see file'


HTH and I'm interested to see what others do

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