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Pleeeeeese someone help!

Share how you plan on a day to day basis! How do you transfer your weekly plan down to your daily plan.

Im pulling my hair out as the rest of the school have a format and I need to make one! I feel lonely in my ideas! Anything that you do that works would be great.



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HI Joanne -


Does everyone in your school do a daily plan?


At our school weekly plans suffice - i'll add a copy of my weekly plan - not entirely as i would like it but am in the middle of rejigging all of my planning so it work in progress at the mo but detailed enough to let anyone teach the class if needed ... I hope?!?!?




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Joanne, I am supply teaching at the moment but at my last school used this planner which I used to plan the weekly learning objectives and against which I plotted the constants and the beginning of the week, perhaps Monday and Tuesday. I then adapted and developed activities and experiences against my evaluation to finish and continue the week. This knowledge also informed my planning for the subsequent week.


If your planning is flexible and responsive and not set in stone, how you record it is often a personal preferance.

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