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Looking at artists work


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I want to show the children examples of real artists work, showing them a picture such as a Cezanne in a full screen image on the IWB a different picture each week.


I am so rubbish at ICT. Does anyone know a good source of these pictures, any of the art gallery sites maybe?

And then how do you extract the image and enlarge it to full size?



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I just tend to goggle the artist and painting name, then click 'images' on the tool bar and find a image that is ok, click on it to open in full size. Then copy it and go into to word to paste it into your blank page. Next click on the pasted images (in word) and then stretch the image to the size you want.. Most of the time it works ok, but if the original image is small then it does not always cope well with being enlarged, so just go back to google image and select another image and repeat.


Hope that works ok for you.

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