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Hi All,


Time for some help again!


So I have a question that I don't know the answer to. I am a Scottish trained teaching abroad and we use EYFS in my school.


Do you have to be a teacher to teach children in Reception?


Conflicting stories this side of the world and since I have never acutally taught in England I can't say with any conviction what the right answer is.


I know in Scotland our Local Authorities had different approaches depending on which one you were teaching in. One had a Peripatetic Teacher and CDOs, the other had a teacher in every room all day every day plus CDOs.


Next question, I have to revaluate our entry assessments. Last year when I arrived it was a sort of tick sheet that didn't tell you much. Ofsted advise I use new EYFS to assess but given that the new entries come to me for no more than 30 minutes I am struggling to see what I can really ascertain about them in such a short period.


Does anyone have anything in the way of entry asssessments that I could modify?


Agh! My brain hurts!

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Guest tinkerbell

I work in a reception class and am a teacher3.37 Reception classes in maintained schools are subject to infant class size legislation. The School Standards and Framework Act 1998 (as amended by the Education Act 2002) limits the size of infant classes to 30 pupils per school teacher18. ‘School teachers’ do not include teaching assistants, higher level teaching assistants or other support staff. Consequently, in a normal teaching session, a school must employ sufficient school teachers to enable it to teach its infant classes in groups of no more than 30 per school teacher.

This is taken from the eyfs 2012 document there are paragraphs for other situations and settings basically as I understand it a teacher could have 30 reception children and no other help!

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I think most on-entry assessments are carried out over a period of days or weeks, as you get to know the children. Is anyone telling you you have to do it all in 30 mins? Maybe you could start with assessing the children for the prime areas, in the first few sessions, and then move onto the specific?

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