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Computer in 2-3s room


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We have a desktop computer that I would like to get rid of - The room is extremely small and I think the room it takes up could be put to better use in extending the home corner or cosy area which I feel is more beneficial to that age group

I know my manager will disagree with me so I am wanting any suggestions or research that would discourage the use of a pc in this room.


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have a look here (hope it works, don't think I've linked to another thread before)


there's an excellent post from an ICT chap who is now in early years (so obv supports/believes in the use of ICT) and he then goes on to say in depth loooaaaadsof things they've used...and they've pretty much all been broken!!1


also other great points that p.c are archaic as everything has gone touch screen - though there is the counter argument that most school still use mouse/keyboard so learning them is still relevant


my argument is they do so much at home do we really need to do it - especially when they are barely able to talk!!


maybe a google on eye strain/neck damage as a desperate call!!!


could also time sample and say it's never really used/hold's interest. Ask for additional staffing to support mouse control teaching (impact on budgets are always an argument winner!)


Let us know if you 'win'

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